The Sims are Back with a Bang

December 10, 2016 | By admin | Filed in: Mobile Gaming.

The popular franchise of SimCity is back with a bang as EA introduces the mobile version- SimCity BuildIt which is available for Android and iOS users alike. The main goal of the game is to lay down roads, businesses, energy generators, homes and warehouses. When compared with its competitor, Megapolis, SimCity BuildIt is in 3D while it competitor is in 2.5D which prevents users from rotating for a better glimpse of their city. This was a big problem in Metropolis as it resulted in glaring problems due to the increase in larger buildings which overshadowed the smaller ones.

simcity buildit game

In-Game Currency

Similarly, SimCity BuildIt also has good in-game currency which takes some time to be used while in Megapolis, it simply melts with everything that you buy. In most games, waiting is a bit of an issue and people tend to succumb to paying real world currency to do more rewarding actions in the game. The temptation to do that is present in the SimCity BuildIt game too, but it tends to mellow down as you start to concentrate on doing other things for your city. This is because there is so much to do for your people if you really get down to it.

Playing on the Go

For a game that has always been on the PC, SimCity BuildIt has done a pretty good job on down-sizing and providing the same amount of fun to its users. It seems to have a pretty smooth transition, similar to Sims Freeplay which is another EA game. As far as gameplay is concerned, the purpose of the game still remains the same- building and running your very own city. The game is quite easy to adapt to and follows much strategies of the PC version. In fact, you will be pleased to know that most of the SimCity difficulties are not present in this version of the EA game.

Other Essentials

SimCity is keen on providing its users with the best gameplay that is available. Their strategies are well thought of and their tools and gears are well-planned. With a simple mission as a mayor, you will watch yourself grow to provide your citizens with the best and earning Simoleons is a small part of accomplishing just that. SimCity also has six major disasters that take place in it, each affecting the people in one way or the other.

simcity buildit guide is available on to be used to buy more things and to earn Simoleons the easier way. The game is all about strategic playing and it sharpens your mind in creating the perfect environment for your citizens. One thing you need to remember while playing the game is that all citizens will enjoy living in a place which has immediate access to all the public services and providing them with that will make them happy which will eventually lead to filing your funds. You can download this app for free for your Android and iOS devices from the store.

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